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Mom or Dad may be doing fine, but would thrive with more friends and socialization… “places to go, people to see”! Grandma, Grandpa, that favorite aunt or any chosen senior in your life may be suddenly failing, occasionally falling or exhibiting signs of forgetfulness….or more. Living at home no longer seems like the perfect option, but where to go, what to do? Do you need to do this all alone?  Is there someone who can help?

The answer to those questions are No and Yes. No! You do not have to go through this journey alone. Yes! There is someone who can help. We are Concepts for Living and we are that help. Expert consultants in the field of senior housing, whether independent and assisted living… the larger (more social) retirement and assisted communities… or the smaller Board and Care homes, we, the team at Concepts listens, learns and makes the “perfect match”.

With a depth of practice and knowledge in health care and services, Team Concepts brings to your life ears that listen, shoulders to lean on and a hand to hold. A FREE service to our clients, each consultant lives where you live, local to you, understanding the personality and physicality of your neighborhood, because it is their neighborhood too!

Most importantly, your Concepts liaison will be with you throughout your journey, from phone call to move-in and beyond, as needed. We are your new best friends.


Dear Concepts for Living, I’ve started this letter several times and have never been satisfied that it adequately conveyed my thanks to you for your assistance with my friend, Pat. My personal consultant was such a wonderful listener as I explained what was happening with her. She had a vast amount of knowledge about what is available for assisted living care, and it was apparent that she had actually visited the places that she referred me to, and had already eliminated those that were substandard. She was very prompt in returning my phone calls, and I knew I could count on her to do what she said you would. I appreciated how she helped me step by step through the difficult process of exploring places for Pat. What seemed like such a daunting task became doable with her calm and reassuring assistance. I was especially impressed when she continued to assist me after it became apparent that I had selected my community. She reassured me that they would do a good job for Pat, even though I knew she would not receive a commission from them. That told me that your company has a high standard of ethics, and that you all do everything to place people in the best situation possible based on their needs and their means. Pat is the happiest that I’ve seen her in about two years. At first I was worried that she was too aware for that environment, but now she fits in just fine. They are meeting her physical, mental, and emotional needs quite well. She doesn’t usually remember what happened yesterday, but she brightens up whenever any of the staff walk by. They all seem fond of her, too, which makes me feel good. I feel so lucky to have heard about you, and am grateful for all your assistance. You threw me a life preserver when I felt like I was drowning.
Kathy A.