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Mom or Dad may be doing fine, but would thrive with more friends and socialization… “places to go, people to see”! Grandma, Grandpa, that favorite aunt or any chosen senior in your life may be suddenly failing, occasionally falling or exhibiting signs of forgetfulness….or more. Living at home no longer seems like the perfect option, but where to go, what to do? Do you need to do this all alone?  Is there someone who can help?

The answer to those questions are No and Yes. No! You do not have to go through this journey alone. Yes! There is someone who can help. We are Concepts for Living and we are that help. Expert consultants in the field of senior housing, whether independent and assisted living… the larger (more social) retirement and assisted communities… or the smaller Board and Care homes, we, the team at Concepts listens, learns and makes the “perfect match”.

With a depth of practice and knowledge in health care and services, Team Concepts brings to your life ears that listen, shoulders to lean on and a hand to hold. A FREE service to our clients, each consultant lives where you live, local to you, understanding the personality and physicality of your neighborhood, because it is their neighborhood too!

Most importantly, your Concepts liaison will be with you throughout your journey, from phone call to move-in and beyond, as needed. We are your new best friends.


Concepts for Living played a major role in my recent search for a home in the senior community. Susan Pomerantz began by really listening to my story: my background, needs, desires and financial situation. She then selected the six most suitable senior residences for my needs and took me to each one for an in-depth visit. She chose well…any of the six would have worked quite nicely, making my final choice difficult indeed. But with Sue’s help, I made the right choice and could not be happier with the result. My new home is a simply wonderful place to be. Thanks Sue.
Irwin P.